All Love No Fear PODCAST

Take a journey with millennial co-hosts Kay Bee and Metapoetic every week as they offer their honest, fearless yet loving, no-holds-barred opinions on life, love, relationships, parenting, pop culture and everything in between. We’re pretty much trying to make the world make sense to us (and maybe you too!) #alllovenofear

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The Hosts

Kristin M.R Bennett is a Soprano, Event Host, Academic Advisor, and inspirational speaker from the great island of Barbados. 

She is a lover of all things art, food and pop culture. She also enjoys stand up comedy, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube reviews of reality shows, baking and most important of all, singing. Mrs. Bennett is passionate about education which is probably why she has acquired two Masters Degrees; One in Higher Education Administration from Hofstra University and another one in English from Queens College.  She wants to help others fulfill their academic dreams also so she is currently a Senior Academic Advisor at CUNY and a certified Myers – Briggs Instructor.

Kristin has enjoyed hosting various corporate events, celebrations, and religious occurrences.

As a Soprano she has sung at numerous weddings, fundraisers, concerts, and open mics and collaborated with different groups including but not limited to T.A.K.E., Anointed Voice, Hofstra Gospel Ensemble, & PoemStars.

Her motto is “Get in Formation”. and she hopes this website will bring as much joy to you as it does to her and her awesome husband, the other amazing co-owner, Mr. Mark Q. Bennett.

Mark Quasim Bennett is a multi-talented community activist, spoken word artist, graphic artist, teacher, and dancer from Westbury, NY.

He is currently employed at the EOC (Economic Opportunity Commission) of Nassau County, Inc. as the Marketing Director and the Job Readiness Instructor. As a spoken word artist, Mark is well known by his stage name “METAPOETIC”. He has been writing poetry since 1999 and performing spoken word since 2004. He has featured in 20+ locations within the last 5 years, and host\spearhead an annual Soul Café Open Mic at his church.

Throughout the years Mark has been a part of many activist and arts focused groups such as: Spark O.N.E., Calliope Literary & Film Society, Black Campus Progressives, Long Island Progressive Coalition, Pulpit Streets, V.E.R.G.E., PoemStars, and The Living Poets Society.

When Mark isn’t running around assisting when he can, he does what he enjoys the most: spending time his wife Kristin Melissa Renee Bennett, his greatest inspiration. You can find both on their new blog and website, The Bonafide Lyrics & Marketing LLC.

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